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Flexible Clinician Documentation with Dragon Medical and eScription

EditChoice for eScription and Dragon Medical Enterprise Network Edition

Nuance Healthcare strives to give clinicians flexible, easy-to-use dictation options with our clinical documentation systems. An exciting new advancement in this area is EditChoice, software that enables clinicians to choose – instantly and on a dictation-by-dictation basis – whether they will self-edit and sign a document following speech recognition or send it to a medical transcriptionist (MT) for review and editing. To take advantage of EditChoice, a healthcare organization must be utilizing Nuance Transcription Services powered by eScription or the eScription background speech recognition platform with in-house medical transcriptionists, and also Nuance’s Dragon Medical Enterprise Network Edition front-end speech recognition solution.


  • Provides a single enterprise solution for all clinicians
  • Provides utmost flexibility in clinical documentation
  • Eases adoption of self-editing
  • Maximizes physician satisfaction
  • Enables higher quality documentation


From the EHR, the clinician dictates using Dragon Medical Enterprise Network Edition with EditChoice. The software produces a draft in “real time” for the clinician to review. Based on the clinician’s schedule or turnaround time requirement for the document, the clinician then can decide to review/edit the document and sign off right away as per a typical Dragon Medical workflow. However, the clinician also will have a choice – once he or she has viewed the speech recognized draft – to send it to a medical transcriptionist for editing. With this scenario, the document will follow the typical eScription background speech recognition workflow and be returned to the clinician via the EHR for subsequent review and signing.

Healthcare organizations with a range of clinician practices and documentation requirements will benefit from this solution, which provides EHR-based narrative dictation along with full flexibility for document completion – whether through clinician self-editing or delegation to medical transcriptionists. EditChoice gives clinicians the control to use their time most efficiently and effectively for timely, accurate documentation in support of patient care.

The software is scheduled for release in the second half of 2011.

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