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Ricoh devices supported by SafeCom

Ricoh MFPs

Java embedded

MP 4054, MP 5054, MP 6054
MP 2554, MP 3054, MP 3554
MP C2003, MP C2503
MP C3003, MP C3503,
MP C4503, MP C5503, MP C6003
MP C401

Java embedded

MP 4002, MP 5002,
MP C3002, MP C3502,
MP C4502, MP C5502

Java embedded

MP 2352SP, MP 2852SP, MP 3352SP
MP C300, MP C400,
MP C2051, MP C2551,
MP C3001SP, MP C3501SP,
MP C4501SP, MP C5501SP, MP C6501SP, MP C7501SP,
SP 5200S, SP 5210SF

Java embedded

MP 2553, MP 3053, MP 3353
MP C2003SP, MP C2503SP,
MP C3003, MP C3503,
MP C4503SP, MP C5503SP, MP C6003SP,
MP C6502SP, MP C8002SP

Java embedded

Pro C5100S and Pro C5110S w/ Ricoh Controller only,
Pro 8100S, Pro 8110S, Pro 8120S
MP 6002, MP 7502,
MP 9002,

Type U

MP 2001SP, MP 2501SP
MP 301, MP C305
SP 4510SF

Type N

MP 2852, MP 3352

Type L

MP 171,
MP 201F, MP 201SPF

Type J

MP 6001, MP 7001,
MP 8001, MP 9001,
Pro 907EX, Pro 1107EX, Pro 1357EX

Java embedded

MP 2851, MP 3351,
MP 4001, MP 5001

Type I

MP C2050, MP C2550, MP C2800
MP C3300, MP C4000, MP C5000

Type F

MP 2550, MP 3350,
MP 4000, MP 5000,
MP C6000, MP C7500

Type C

MP 1100, MP 1350
MP 5500
MP 6000, MP 6500
MP 7000, MP 7500
MP 8000
MP 9000
MP C2000, MP C2500
MP C3000, MP C3500
MP C4500
Pro906EX, Pro1106EX, Pro1356E 


Ricoh Printers

Printers - Java embedded

SP C431DN, SP 5210DN

Printers - Type O

SP C320DN, SP C430DN, SP 4310N, SP 5200DN

Printers - Type K

SP 4210N, SP C820DN, SP C821DN

Printers - Type H

SP C420DN, SP 8200DN


All Ricoh MFPs and SFPs on this list are supported by SafeCom SmartPack


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