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Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

On-demand computer aided speech recognition software
for medical transcription
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Investing in an advanced technology such as background speech recognition, with little to no disruption for physicians while demonstrating significant cost savings and improved turnaround time, is a win-win proposition for any hospital provider. 
-Sue Schade
CIO, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Boston, MA

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

formerly known as eScription

The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription on-demand, enterprise-wide computer aided medical transcription (CAMT) platform is an innovative and integrated background speech recognition solution designed to fully integrate with the EHR and streamline clinical documentation for the large healthcare enterprise.

Intelligent speech recognition software turns clinician dictations into formatted draft documents that medical transcriptionists (MTs) quickly review and edit — often doubling productivity as compared to traditional medical transcription.
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform is deployed enterprise-wide at healthcare organizations throughout the U.S., and is proven to increase MT productivity, reduce document turnaround time (TAT), and decrease medical transcription costs without interfering with clinician workflow. Healthcare organizations using
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription have saved hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each year from increased MT productivity.

Seattle Children's increases number of lines transcribed by 30% with `eScription
Fletcher Allen increases productivity with eScription
  • Decreases costs in medical transcription by increasing the productivity of medical transcriptionists. Healthcare organizations can do more with their in-house resources, reduce or eliminate overflow outsourced work, or decrease the cost of outsourced transcription because it’s faster to edit than to type.
  • Reduces document turnaround time often from days to hours. Faster TAT supports patient care, increases clinician satisfaction, and shortens billing cycles.
  • Improves workflow and quality through streamlined processing of medical records, from dictation/transcription through document distribution and electronic signature.
Best of KLAS 2011 Badge

The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform was the first to pioneer the technology of on-demand CAMT and the philosophy that it is faster to edit than to type. Customer satisfaction runs high.

The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform has received a "Best in KLAS" Award for eight consecutive years (2004-2011), ranking #1 in KLAS research’s market segment, "Speech Recognition."

©2011 KLAS Enterprise, LLC. All rights reserved. KLAS  “2011 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services” (December 2011)


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Flexible Dictation Interface
Clinicians have access to a powerful array of keypad controls that allow them to conveniently record, review, and edit dictations by medical record, account or job number.

ASP Architecture
Speech recognition servers are deployed in a secure data center, reducing customers’ upfront costs, simplifying maintenance, and enabling the software to draw upon the combined speech data of all customers to continually improve.

Sophisticated Speech Models
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription software rapidly applies multiple speech recognition models to clinicians’ dictations; these models are derived from a database of billions of words of dictation that is still growing.

Interprets and Formats Documents
The software’s powerful Interpretive Model interprets and formats clinicians' dictations, often determining what is meant for the report even if it is not exactly what is said.

No Explicit Clinician Training
When a new system is installed, clinicians dictate as usual and those early dictations are transcribed traditionally while the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform builds speech models behind the scenes.

Learns from MT Corrections
The integrated transcription tools provide automatic, ongoing feedback that allows the background speech recognition to learn and improve.

Supports Voice Macros and Normals
Clinicians who make use of normals in their dictations can use voice macros to automatically insert their pre-defined content.

Secure Internet Access for In-house or Outsourced MTs
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription provides a secure, internet-based transcription client that provides flexible work options for MTs – at home, at a healthcare facility, or at an MTSO facility whether domestic or offshore.

Productivity Tools for MTs
In addition to leveraging Microsoft Word shortcuts, Dragon Medical 360 | eScription provides numerous ‘mouse-free’ keystrokes that let MTs quickly move around a document and make necessary changes.

Single Administrative Console
Administrators can manage all components of the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform through a single console, allowing them to easily set up, manage and track the entire workflow from dictation through distribution. Comprehensive management reports help them monitor results and plan for improvement.

Paperless Signing Process
From a list of ‘unsigned’ or deficient records, clinicians can select a document, view the text, listen to the audio, edit the document if necessary, and electronically sign the document, all via a secure online interface.

Distribute Documents Where They Are Needed
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription software provides configurable document distribution via print, fax, or email and can be integrated with your organization’s enterprise-wide systems or EMR.


Dragon Medical 360 | eScription Platform Components

Digital Voice Capture
Clinicians dictate over the telephone or through a digital recording device, and can take advantage of a variety of features that streamline the dictation and transcription workflow.

Background Speech Recognition
The software’s sophisticated speech models interpret and format dictations into high-quality draft documents with the primary goal of significantly improving MT productivity and thereby reducing transcription costs. Based on corrections from MTs, the models continually improve, resulting in better drafts over time.

Transcription Tools
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription’s transcription tools enable MTs to efficiently edit draft documents, often doubling productivity over traditional transcription. Supervisors use priority rules, audit trails, user access rights, and other features to ensure high quality and fast turnaround time of completed documents.

Clinician Access and Electronic Signature
With Dragon Medical 360 | eScription, clinicians can securely review, revise, and electronically sign documents from remote locations via the Internet. eScription helps your organization streamline clinician workflow to improve patient care.

Automated Document Distribution
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform provides automatic, flexible distribution of completed documents through network printers and fax machines at your healthcare facility.

Direct Dictation into the EHR
Promote adoption of the EHR while preserving the dictation workflows that clinicians prefer by combining point-and-click data entry with dictation directly into the EHR.

Extract Clinical Facts from Your Narrative Documents
Extract clinical facts from your narrative documents for tracking key quality of care indicators, support clinical research or populating EHR records.



At Nuance, we know that no two healthcare organizations are exactly alike, and that every situation demands a unique approach founded on best practices and industry experience. What integrations does your system require? What staffing issues do you face? What report distribution options do you need? How are your MTs organized and managed? How are your clinician groups structured? We'll explore questions like these to create and support a solution that works for you. With every customer deployment, Nuance provides:


From the first kick-off meeting through the day-to day implementation tasks, your project managers will work through a carefully-crafted installation process to meet project milestones while minimizing disruption to HIM staff and dictating clinicians. We help define a roll-out strategy that is right for your organization.


Nuance's professional trainers use proven adult learning methodologies to ensure knowledge transfer. The process includes our core curriculum of hands-on instruction for new customers as well as ongoing, continuous training programs. Dragon Medical 360 | eScription University offers open enrollment courses available both over the web and in the classroom. All courses are designed to improve productivity and provide valuable return on your investment.

Customer Support and Account Management

After go-live, Dragon Medical 360 | eScription Customer Support and Account Management takes over the day-to-day support, upgrade, and add-on needs of each customer, building close, long-term relationships with you in the process. Every individual on the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription support team has a solid understanding of the medical transcription process and a strong technical background, allowing us to respond quickly to any of your day-to-day issues, questions or requests.

Email Support

For web support, please log into and submit a ticket through the Support Customer Center.

Phone Support

Please call us at 781-565-4400.
Nuance understands that a technology solution is only part of the solution. To help our customers maximize the results they can achieve with our products, we offer first-class services through the deployment process and beyond.

MTSO Alliance

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription MTSO Alliance

Many healthcare organizations require outsourced transcription services in conjunction with
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription computer aided medical transcription (CAMT) software either to supplement in-house transcription departments or to provide service when no in-house group exists. MTSOs that are part of the Alliance have the most experience using the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform, and meet performance criteria for our mutual customers in areas of productivity, training, and customer service.


The following organizations are members of the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription MTSO Alliance.

Amphion Medical Solutions
Madison, WI
888 830-2644 x229

Encompass Medical Transcription, Inc.
Waukesha, WI
877 515-7495

Focus Infomatics
Burlington, MA
781 970-5303

Sten-Tel, Inc.
Springfield, MA
888 STEN-TEL (888-783-6835)

Superior Global Solutions
Plano, TX
800 270-4982

Transcend Services, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
800 555-8727

Transcription, Technology & Support (TTS)
Chichester, NH
603 224-0592

TransTech Medical Solutions
Houston, TX
866 686-2111


PowerMic™ II

The Microphone that Amplifies Physician Productivity

The Nuance PowerMic™II combines an ergonomic hand microphone with PC mouse functionality to help physicians achieve new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use and productivity with traditional and speech recognition-based dictation. The Nuance PowerMic II employs simplified single-handed, thumb-controlled operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing and editing speech recognition generated documentation.

  • Improves physician productivity by enabling them to navigate report template fields quickly, then record and use “voice fill-in” capabilities to insert recognized text into report template fields.
  • Accelerates information flow by making it easier and faster to control voice recording, navigate and select fields in on-screen templates and standard reports, and move throughout recognized text reports for review and editing.
  • Increases clinician satisfaction by incorporating full-function, Microsoft® compatible, PC-mouse capabilities into the hand microphone, reducing the need to move continually between the microphone, mouse and keyboard.