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Critical Test Result Management

When results absolutely have to be there

Critical Test Result Management

In healthcare, communication can be a life or death matter. Minutes matter. And hoping the physician gets the message isn’t good enough. Just ask the Joint Commission. Hunting down physicians, leaving multiple messages and not knowing when, if or by whom those messages are received hinders communication of critical test results (CTRs) – and that threatens patient safety. Nuance Healthcare’s PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results™ is a web-based critical test result management (CTRM) solution that automates delivery, verification of receipt and documentation of voice communications concerning CTRs, supporting effective medical risk management and ensuring compliance with industry CTR communication standards. 


Baylor Health delivers critical results with CTRM


 What we offer

Nuance Critical Test Result Management Solution

Critical results reporting

PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results: Delivery, management and auditing of critical test results.

  • Only end-to-end healthcare enterprise solution for communicating critical test results from the lab, radiology, cardiology, and pathology departments to ordering clinicians.
  • Web-based CTRM solution for diagnostic imaging departments. Ensures quick and auditable communication of urgent patient findings in radiology, making caregiver communication workflow reliable and expediting critical patient care. Satisfies Joint Commission, ACR and CAP guidelines.
  • Integrates with the
    PowerScribe® 360 | Reporting
    speech recognition reporting platform



Market Leadership

JCAHO National patient safety goals, ACR and CAP guidelines

A proven leader in speech-driven clinical documentation and communication solutions, backed by the expertise to ensure your success: 

  • PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results CTRM is proven in more than 200 hospitals in the U.S.
  • Over 200 leading healthcare facilities use PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results for the timely communication of 160,000 critical test results per year.



What customers say

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“You have a 100% likelihood of getting the right test results to the right person. Some days Veriphy probably lops an hour off the radiologists’ time. It’s not just allowing us to read more, but allowing us to read more efficiently. We can get the images and the reporting done in under an hour.”
Himanshu Shah, MD Medical Director, Radiology Department
Wishard Memorial Hospital Indianapolis IN

Gestion des résultats de tests cruciaux

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