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PowerScribe 360 | Reporting

Powerful radiology reporting and radiology transcription with flexibility for the radiologist

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting

formerly known as PowerScribe 360

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Speech recognition meets intuitive design, streamlined workflow, and advanced productivity tools. PowerScribe 360 | Reporting allows radiologists to create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before. it is the industry standard for report creation, multisite workflow, data capture and communication. PowerScribe 360 | Reporting allows healthcare facilities and third-party solution providers to integrate applications directly into this extensible platform.

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Using the award winning Dragon Medical speech recognition engine, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is more accurate than ever before. With up to 99% accuracy out-of-the-box, this latest release of the speech engine is 20% more accurate than previous versions. New regional accent support (Asian-Pacific, Asian-Indian, Australian, British, Hispanic, Pakistani, and U.S. accents) and advanced adaptation techniques means that you get higher out-of-the-box recognition. More accuracy means less editing with PowerScribe 360 | Reporting.

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting offers four primary dictation styles to accommodate individual physician dictation preferences. Radiologists can switch between dictation styles on a report-by-report basis if desired and options include:

  • Speech Recognition with Delegated Editing
    A combination of front-end speech recognition with transcription/correction workflow. Radiologists do not edit their own reports; instead, their speech-recognized draft report is forwarded to a transcriptionist/editor for correction and formatting. Transcription time and costs are reduced as reports no longer have to be keyboarded from start to finish. Recorded dictations and recognized text are linked for "edit while listening" for greater accuracy and transcription/editor efficiency.
  • Real-time Speech Recognition with Self-Editing for Nearly Instant Turnaround Time
    Real-time speech recognition allows radiologists to view text as it is dictated. They can edit using speech recognition, keyboard, mouse, or a combination – voice commands and microphone controls are used to correct and navigate the document. The reporting application immediately recognizes spoken changes and additions anywhere in the report.
  • Real-time Speech Recognition with Auto-Loading Macros
    Macros can be mapped to procedure codes and can be triggered by patient age and gender modifiers. Users can voice navigate standard text blocks, numeric fields and pick lists – all of which are fully voice editable.
  • Real-time Speech Recognition with Auto-Structured Reporting
    Auto-structured reporting eliminates the need for the radiologist to follow the structured format of a macro, while Natural Language Understanding (NLU) automatically structures report content. Once complete, the application presents the interpreting radiologist with a final report for review and edit. This intelligent phrase recognition and automatic organization tool can greatly reduce the time spent using conventional structured macros.

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is architected as a next-generation platform to meet future radiology business needs that go beyond speech-driven reporting and documentation. PowerScribe 360 | Reporting acts as the central platform for all of the products in Nuance Healthcare’s Closed-Loop Suite of Radiology solutions: clinical decision support, speech-driven radiology reporting, critical test result management (CTRM) and communications, and business intelligence and outcomes analysis.

In addition, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting provides:

  • Expandable and scalable solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s radiology business requirements
  • True multi-site, multi-tenant architecture with a lightweight, browser-based portal for administrators, radiologists, technologists and referring clinicians
  • Web Services API that provides an open platform for custom application development in order to better integrate with the IT infrastructure



PowerScribe 360 | Reporting provides new workflows and advanced features that make radiologists more productive including a new user interface that has been redesigned to provide efficient access to more information, in order to improve physician productivity. PowerScribe 360 | Reporting provides more control over reporting, which makes the dictation process significantly faster and more accurate – reducing transcription costs, providing higher levels of satisfaction to referring providers and enhancing patient care.

Key Features

  • New Radiology Reporting Interface: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting simplifies the radiology reporting experience with a new speech dictation reporting interface and Web-based user portal that have been redesigned to give you more intuitive control over your reporting workflow. More than 10 years of experience and user feedback have contributed to PowerScribe 360 | Reporting's design.
  • Multi-site Workflow Orchestrator: Share patient information, view images and interpret cases across disparate locations and systems with PowerScribe 360 | Reporting's built-in multi-site radiology workflow management tools. Designed to address the needs of healthcare networks with multiple RIS, PACS, and Advanced Visualization applications, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting Workflow Orchestrator seamlessly integrates these elements into a single worklist for radiologists.
  • User Workflow Enhancements: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting has robust workflows that map to the specific user’s daily routines, including: radiologists, fellows, residents, technologists, transcriptionists, front desk users, administrators and more. This means that radiologists and residents can now create higher quality documentation in less time. In addition to workflow enhancements that are based on user roles, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting includes new workflows such as Wet Read functionality that allows ED physicians, overnight residents and others to create “pre-draft” dictations for off-hour preliminary reporting.
  • Speech Dictation Enhancements: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting introduces a number of speech enhancements that save time and improve the end user reporting experience. Enhancements include new voice commands, support for multiple reporting templates, updated vocabulary management tools, speech recognition preferences: text streaming and press to transcribe, and auto-formatting customization options for dates, times, numbered lists, acronyms and other words and phrases.
  • Enhanced ACR RADPEER™-compliant Peer Review: Integrated with an ACR RADPEER™-compliant quality assurance program, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting Peer Review can automate quality improvement initiatives in your department or practice. The radiologist can evaluate prior reports while viewing and interpreting images via automated prompting or manual invocation using the ACR standardized 4-point rating scale (or facility customized descriptions) with clinical significance indicators. The final QA data can be exported from the PowerScribe 360 | Reporting Administrator Portal or optionally sent directly to the ACR eRADPEER™ submission system.
  • Custom Data Capture and Extraction Tools: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting's built-in access to a configurable data entry tool allows radiologists, technologists, nurses and administrators to capture information when it is needed most.
  • Integrated Assisted Diagnosis (AD): PowerScribe 360 | Reporting offers an integrated radiology knowledge application with voice-driven and automated context-relevant searching. Information is delivered instantly and provides access to disease details, differential diagnoses, radiology and anatomy e-books, medical image searches, Internet content, radiology search engines, annotated anatomical atlases, and more. PowerScribe 360 | Reporting Assisted Diagnosis (AD) runs in the background and will not interfere with the radiologist’s interpretation process – users can simply speak a voice command to initiate reference searches. PowerScribe AD also makes it easy to bookmark your favorite websites so that they are always within reach. In addition to standard content, third-party integration support provides direct access to additional resources such as Amirsys® STATdx.
  • Integrated CTRM: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting integrates critical test result management (CTRM) directly into the reporting process with Nuance PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results so that radiologists can initiate urgent patient communications right from their PowerScribe 360 workstations. PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results is a web-based CTRM solution for diagnostic imaging departments and ensures enterprise-wide communication by incorporating critical test results from the lab, cardiology and pathology.
  • Integrates with eScription: Single MT platform across the enterprise enables pooling of HIM and Radiology Transcription resources.
  • Powerful and Flexible Web Services API: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is a fully extensible reporting platform with flexible Web Services API that provides a standard mechanism for searching, retrieving data, and updating information in the database – allowing programmers to create applications that access the PowerScribe 360 | Reporting database. This robust feature allows your organization to access your reporting database to integrate homegrown applications; allows third party solution providers to integrate their solutions directly with your PowerScribe 360 | Reporting environment; provides access to your reporting information for data mining initiatives; and streamlines workflow by automating manual processes.
  • Enhanced Web-based Administrator and End-User Portal: PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is managed by a secure Web-based portal so your radiologists and administrators can access and monitor critical system and patient information from anywhere on the hospital network. This robust online management tool provides access to exams, accounts and system management, including configurable administrative rights, AutoText management, worklist and custom field management, peer review event verifications and data export, universal speech vocabulary management, access to log files, a database report generator, and a real-time dashboard for inbound/outbound order management.


PowerScribe 360 | Reporting
FlexChoice: Dictate the Way You Want, Keep Your Current Workflow and Pay Less for the Reports You Generate PowerScribe 360 | Reporting;
the groundbreaking radiology speech reporting platform, offered in a package where radiologists don't have to self-edit or change their workflow. With FlexChoice, radiology departments and practices pay only for the reports they generate and there's absolutely no capital outlay required. You can choose in-house or outsourced medical transcriptionists (MTs). Best of all PowerScribe 360 | Reporting ensures that practices and departments remain competitive with the latest technology so they can prepare for the future.

  • Ensures that your current radiologist workflow is not impacted and offers flexible workflow options:
    • Dictate as usual and send reports to MT correctionists; no need to self-edit or change workflow
    • Incorporate productivity tools like normal report templates and integrated critical communications
  • Provides an instant 20% savings over your current transcription solution and provides an opportunity to save even more over time.
    • No need to change workflow or behavior to start saving instantly
    • Save up to 20% on every report sent to transcription*
    • Save more than 60% on every self-edited report*
    • Over time, the more your practice or department uses templates and self-editing, the more money you save
  • Does not require any capital outlay; you only pay for the reports you generate with this risk-free solution.
    • No capital investment required
    • PowerScribe 360 | Reporting offered with a pay-as-you-go pricing model
    • Pay only for the reports you generate
    • Options include hardware and professional services with transactional pricing
  • Provides flexibility based on your current situation and desired end state with in-house or outsourced transcription.
    • Speech recognized text sent to transcription boosts MT productivity a minimum of 50%
    • Use your existing in-house or outsourced transcription services
  • Ensures that your department remains competitive by providing the latest technology to help prepare for the future.
    • Latest technology platform for seamless interoperability with current and future IT investments.
    • Easily incorporates outside data sources to boost productivity
    • Meets regulatory standards and compliance guidelines
    • Integrates with PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results

*Based on annual volume of 150,000 exams and $2.50/report average transcription cost and 50% transcription productivity gain with access to speech-recognized text. Individual results may vary.
*Based on annual volume of 150,000 exams and $2.50/report average transcription cost. Individual results may vary.
*Price per report is determined by whether the report is generated via "self-edit" or "transcription workflow"


Radiology RIS/PACS Partners
Nuance has integrated PowerScribe 360 | Reporting with most major Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS) vendors for streamlined workflow.

Professional Services

We know that implementing speech technology requires an in-depth analysis of workflow and environment, customization of the design, and an optimum strategy for deployment.
We know because we've implemented more than 2,000 speech recognition systems.
Whether it's a new implementation of Nuance Healthcare speech products or an expansion of an existing Nuance product, our team crafts solutions that maximize the value of your investment and provide the exact level of service you require.
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Customer Quotes

    PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is uniquely qualified to meet the requirements we had specified for such a platform during our dictation analysis and due diligence. As we analyzed the features, benefits and functionality of ALL commercial dictations systems, we settled on what is now
    PowerScribe 360 | Reporting, it remains the only product that met our requirements. 
    -Patrick Ward
    Chief Information Officer, Central Illinois Radiological Associates, Ltd.
    Peoria, IL
    PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is our speech recognition solution. The solution is a vast improvement over our prior product and has significantly improved our productivity. 
    -Richard H. Wiggins, III, MD
    Department of Radiology, University of Utah Health Sciences Center

    Salt Lake City, UT
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