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Mobile Solutions

Inform and document care

Mobile Solutions

The best place to document patient care? At the point of care. The best place to find answers about care? Wherever you have a question.

Speech is the most efficient, accurate and expeditious way to document care and search medical references on the go. Taking full advantage of advances in technology, Nuance Healthcare’s mobile solutions help clinicians improve productivity, document more accurate and complete records, access information, and communicate findings and plans – all leading to better patient care.

Dragon Medical 360 | Mobile Recorder

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Point-of-care dictation with background speech recognition processing.

Dictate the patient story at the point of care using smartphones or tablets, and instantly, and wirelessly, upload to Nuance platforms for convenient and rapid documentation. Available today via subscription on the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription and Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System platform.


PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist

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Search radiology-specific content and securely sign reports in
PowerScribe 360 | Reporting.

Radiologists simply speak their search queries and get simultaneous results from a variety of top websites and medical content sources. And, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting users can easily view, and securely sign, reports from their mobile devices.


Dragon Medical 360 | Mobile Search

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Medical search of online content sources.

Get the answers you need where you need them with an intuitive, voice-powered solution that gives clinicians a smarter way to search for information on various medical websites, including MedScape®, MedLine®, IMO®, and Google®.


360 | Development Platform

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Enables developers to embed voice and understanding capabilities in a variety of healthcare apps.

The 360 | Development Platform is designed for healthcare Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as well as internal development teams at provider and payer organizations that want to embed advanced speech recognition and clinical language understanding (CLU) functionality into their healthcare workflow solutions.