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Federal Healthcare

Improving how the Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Health System, Indian Health Service, and other agencies capture, manage, and use clinical data.

Government Healthcare Software and Services

Healthcare costs represent a significant percentage of total agency budgets: Over 9 percent of the DoD’s, over 38 percent of the VA’s.

Survival means waging war against rising cost on two fronts: Quality care to reduce error and readmission, and appropriate billing to ensure equitable funding. Healthcare information access and management are critical to both.

Government agencies need solutions and services to…

Nuance Healthcare provides…

Nuance Healthcare Government Solutions and Services

For the Indian Health Service

More than 500 healthcare providers in IHS hospitals and clinics use Dragon Medical to dictate notes directly into RPMS and other EHR systems.

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For the VA

More than 5000 providers in over 143 VA hospitals and clinics use Nuance Healthcare solutions to tackle their clinical, operational and financial challenges.

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For the DHA/MHS

More than 10,000 healthcare providers in all of the military services use Dragon Medical to dictate notes directly into AHLTA, AHLTA-T, Essentris, SAMS and other applications. Nuance Healthcare’s enterprise solutions and services address areas of Access/Identity Management, Care Management and Revenue Management.

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