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Capture Anywhere

Capture the patient's story on any device -- anytime, anywhere

Nuance Healthcare solutions allow you to capture the entire patient story – anytime, anywhere. Our clinical understanding solutions integrate into your clinical workflows and systems so clinicians can capture both narrative and structured data within their clinical documentation. And, clinicians get to capture data in the manner they prefer – dictation, point and click, or speech recognition – on the device they choose:

  • Telephone
  • Mobile device (iPhone or Android)
  • Desktop computer with PowerMic

Capture the entire patient story -- on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Physician Speech Recognition Solutions

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Front-end, real-time speech recognition solutions. For hospitals and IDNs, the fastest, most cost-effective path to clinician EHR adoption is Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition, delivering better care, and greater physician satisfaction. For practices and clinics with 24 physicians or less, we offer Dragon Medical Practice Edition. These mission-critical solutions are the choice of 180,000 physicians for dictating progress notes, HPI, assessments and plans, consult notes, referral letters and more. It is up to 99% accurate instantly, with medical vocabularies covering nearly 60 specialties and subspecialties. And it helps you achieve meaningful use.


HIM Solutions

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Nuance Healthcare provides a full complement of solutions for clinical transcription, combining advanced speech recognition technology with superior labor and account management to simplify your clinical documentation while maintaining quality. Our background speech recognition platforms reduce turnaround times and cut costs without disrupting clinician workflow, while our front-end solutions provide real-time documentation that allows clinicians to make their notes available to their colleagues instantly.


Mobile Solutions

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The best place to document patient care? At the point of care. The best place to find answers about care? Wherever you have a question.

Speech is the most efficient, accurate and expeditious way to document care and search medical references on the go. Taking full advantage of advances in technology, Nuance Healthcare’s Dragon® Medical 360 Mobile speech recognition solutions help clinicians improve productivity, document more accurate and complete records, access information, and communicate findings and plans – all leading to better patient care.

Radiology Solutions

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Nuance Healthcare’s groundbreaking speech recognition radiology reporting combines advanced speech recognition technology, data capture, multi-site workflow and structured reporting in a single platform. This next-generation system provides real-time speech recognition and dictation, radiology transcription and correction workflow, printing, faxing, coding, peer review, integrated clinical content and extensive administrative tools.