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Clinical Documentation Improvement Software and Services

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Clintegrity 360 | CAPD

High quality clinical documentation is the driving force behind clinical, business, and compliance decisions. Enabling improvements in clinical documentation quality at the point of entry using speech driven physician documentation and Clinical Language Understanding technology, Clintegrity 360 |CAPD will support physicians throughout the entire clinical documentation process, providing instant access to information needed to support documentation decisions all while preserving the clinical narrative and physicians preferred workflow.

A Sophisticated Approach to Document Challenges

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Nuance's prime, computer assisted physician documentation solution, Clintegrity 360 | CAPD offers a more sophisticated approach to tackling the most complex documentation challenges. With revolutionary Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technology and over 20 years of innovation driving Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) success, Nuance Healthcare solutions powered by JA Thomas Advanced Practice Clinical Documentation Improvement strategies go beyond just using documentation to support coding. Automated, clinically appropriate guidance and clarifications are presented to physicians at natural points during their workflow. This combined solution helps physicians document the details required for reimbursement and reporting in their preferred workflow. Clintegrity 360 |CAPD helps organizations with their efforts to improve quality of clinical documentation, achieve appropriate reimbursement and support the transition to ICD-10.

Clinical Language Understanding Solutions

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