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Nuance Acquires Webmedx

Webmedx is now part of Nuance Healthcare!

Nuance Communications, Inc. announced that it acquired Webmedx, the #1 KLAS-ranked transcription services provider. Webmedx, which offers transcription and editing services and clinical documentation technology for hospitals and clinics nationally, will strengthen Nuance Transcription Services (NTS), Nuance’s fully-managed, medical transcription services offering. In addition to complementary transcription leadership and scale, Webmedx’s natural language processing (NLP) driven Quality Analytics application enhances Nuance’s clinical language understanding (CLU) innovations, whereby actionable information improves business and clinical decisions.

The Webmedx acquisition brings to Nuance award-winning medical transcription services that have achieved proven success. By complementing the Nuance Transcription Services offering with medical transcription services from Webmedx, healthcare provider organizations will have an increased array of options for the rapidly growing market of speech editing and transcription services at highly competitive prices. Webmedx also brings to Nuance its Medical Technology Education Center (MTEC), the first Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) approved online speech recognition editing and medical transcription school. Additionally Webmedx has made significant advancements in the conversion of unstructured, dictated/speech-recognized text into structured and actionable clinical information, aligning well with Nuance’s strategy and investments in Clinical Understanding technologies. Together, the companies will accelerate the delivery of healthcare IT solutions that can advance quality analytics to support Meaningful Use and increase patient safety.

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Webmedx Named Best in KLAS and Ranked #1 Transcription Services Vendor for Two Years in a Row for medical transcription professional services by KLAS, the nation’s leading research firm for healthcare vendors. Webmedx is the first, and only, two-time winner. The company received the highest overall performance ranking ever for a medical transcription services provider in both 2009 and 2010.


Beyond record-setting transcription services performance, Webmedx also provides advanced front-end voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP) solutions for data mining, clinical content intelligence, and quality reporting for core measures and meaningful use.


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