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One-on-One Training for Dragon Speech Recognition

Now that you have explored the features of your Dragon speech recognition product (whether it's Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC or Dragon Dictate or MacSpeech Scribe for the Mac), you may have additional questions about the product's features and capabilities. Nuance has partnered with The Emergent Voices (TEV) to offer specialized training services especially for speech recognition software.

$99.95 for a 50-minute session




Purchase training, and then schedule a time with one of TEV's product training experts to receive your One-on-One training. You can request help to cover various aspects or features of your software product, such as:

  • How to create the perfect Profile
  • Using Commands to control your Mac
  • Controlling the mouse cursor by voice
  • Training optimum recognition
  • Best practices for dictation
  • Working with specialized Vocabulary
  • Or anything else...

One-on-One Training provides the training you need to make sure you receive the maximum benefit from your investment in speech recognition.


Offering expert training tailored to your specific needs, One-on-One Training for Dragon speech recognition products is available from TEV for $69.95 for a 50-minute session. Order now and get started by scheduling your first session of training through TEV.

It all translates to ensuring Dragon not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. With One-on-One Training for speech recognition software through TEV, you'll improve your use of Dragon in no time at all.

One-on-One for speech recognition software is available for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, MacSpeech Dictate Medical, MacSpeech Dictate Legal, and MacSpeech Scribe.


Order your training today, then contact The Emergent Voices by email or by phone at 1-888-712-7044 (ext 1) to make your One-on-One training session appointment. You can even request that TEV's expert trainer call you for your scheduled session. (See TEV's web site for more information).

The Emergent Voices TEV is an authorized trainer for Dragon speech recognition, providing services to customers in the U.S. and Canada. TEV was launched in 2006 as a not-for-profit organization supporting educational and entrepreneurial ventures for special needs artists in the Arts. As a leader in technology education and entrepreneurship training, TEV's training group includes experts in accessibility technologies.


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