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Clinician Access and Electronic Signature

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

Clinician Access and Electronic Signature

The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription clinician access and electronic signature system provides electronic signature capabilities and allows clinicians to review, revise, and sign documents securely from anywhere they have an internet browser. Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature helps your organization streamline workflow to improve patient care.

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  • Fast access to dictations through powerful search engine
  • Reports easily sorted by patient, work type, etc.
  • Easy-to-use signing interface includes audio, text and print functions
  • Dual, co-, and group signature capabilities
  • Notifications via email when documents are ready for review and signing
  • Secure Web access
  • 128-bit encryption


Clinician Accessibility
A secure web interface gives clinicians access to transcribed documents and their original audio dictations via a web browser. Your clinicians can keep the patient care process moving even when out of the office, and no longer need to remain in the office or hospital to sign documents. Powerful online search capabilities also help clinicians locate documents instantly.

Paperless Signing Process
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature lets clinicians electronically sign documents online. From a list of 'unsigned' or deficient records, clinicians can select documents, view the text, listen to the audio, edit the document if necessary, and sign the document. They can also pend the document and return it to the transcription department with comments or questions. The paperless process takes place through an intuitive web-based interface. Electronic signature workflows also allow documents to be distributed instantly to your EMR, to designated printers, or to fax machines as soon as they are electronically signed.

Dual, Co- and Group Signatures for Supervised and Cooperative Work
Three enhanced electronic signature options, Dual Signature, Co-signature, and Group Signature, meet the needs of healthcare organizations with supervised medical interns and various signing policies and procedures. In a dual signature configuration, the signatures of both interns and supervising clinicians are required. In a co-signature configuration, an intern may review the document, but only the attending clinician's signature is required. Your organization can also create signing groups that allow any approved clinician within a group to sign particular documents. Finally, clinicians can adjust the distribution process for a document by adding or removing CCs through the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature interface.

Secure and Private
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature prevents unauthorized access to confidential patient records with User Access Rights and passwords, which are configurable in the EMon® administrative console. The system uses 128-bit encryption to protect its communications and cleans protected data from the memory caches of all web browsers used to access Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature. Automatic timeouts of sessions keep patient records confidential should a clinician need to leave the computer while still logged in.

Email Notification for Secure, Prompt Response
Clinicians can receive email notifications when their documents have been completed and are ready for signing. The email contains a link to a secure Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature login, providing access to the documents that the clinician needs to review, revise, or electronically sign. In addition,
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature can help specialists provide better service to Primary Care clinicians, by providing email notifications when dictations related to certain patients are complete. The Primary Care clinician can log on and listen to the recorded audio through the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature interface as soon as it becomes available. Email notifications save clinicians time by eliminating the need to constantly check for new dictations or documents, and they reduce the delay between document completion and signing.

Single System for Document Creation and Signing
Transcription Supervisors and HIM Directors use the familiar EMon administrative tool to manage document creation and transcription workflows, as well as the e-signature process. In EMon, supervisors can set up User Access Rights for clinicians and, if the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription document distribution product is also being used, create distribution rules for signed documents. Transcription Supervisors and MTs can search documents by signing clinician, and track statuses of 'signed,' 'unsigned,' and 'partially signed' documents. This integrated system simplifies training, IT support, user access, and data management.

Easy to Implement
Organizations using the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform will benefit from a simple upgrade process to add e-signature. The same clinician profiles already in use for dictations are easily expanded to support e-signature, eliminating the need for multiple user databases. Dragon Medical 360 | eScription e-signature is designed to integrate with all components of the complete Dragon Medical 360 | eScription suite of products, including EMon and document distribution, creating a single system that streamlines the transcription process throughout the health care enterprise.