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Transcription Tools

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

Transcription Tools

The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform transcription tools for computer aided medical transcription streamline workflow and speed document editing. The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools allow medical transcriptionists (MTs) to rapidly edit draft documents created by the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription speech recognition™ background speech recognition engine — often doubling productivity over traditional transcription. Supervisors use priority rules, Audit Trails, user access rights, and other features to ensure high quality and fast turnaround time of completed documents.

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  • Fast turnaround time, without sacrificing quality.
  • Steady workflow of dictations.
  • Productivity trends monitored with automatic feedback.
  • Secure Internet access assures patient privacy.
  • Reports allow administrators to track transcription activity, progress, and costs.
  • User Access Rights control who can view, edit, and distribute documents.
  • Administrative Console allows administrators to easily view the statuses of all documents.


Productivity Tools
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools were designed to maximize the productivity of MTs as they review and edit the draft documents created through speech recognition. In addition to leveraging Microsoft Word shortcuts, The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools provide numerous 'mouse-free' shortcut keystrokes that let MTs quickly move around a document and make necessary changes. An attractive and powerful header interface with pre-search capabilities helps MTs manage header data, and a unique two-cursor approach lets MTs edit in one area of a document while following along with the recorded audio in another. An Audio Playback Control feature lets MTs increase the speed of the dictated voice for quicker review.

Our speech recognition engine and transcriptionist tools include an integrated feedback loop that continually improves the speech models based on the corrections made by MTs. As the speech models improve, so do the draft documents, leading to increased productivity in the editing process.

Secure Internet Access
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools provide a secure, internet-based transcription client that provides flexible work options for MTs — at home, at a healthcare facility, or at an MTSO facility whether domestic or offshore. To ensure the security of patient data, communications over the internet between the transcription client and server are protected by 128-bit encryption. The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools do not leave any patient information on the MT's computer hard drive. To further protect patient information, they also do not allow cutting and pasting, saving, or printing patient records locally.

Priority and Validation Rules
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools provide configurable priority rules to help supervisors manage the turnaround time of documents, ensuring that the most critical documents receive the fastest processing. When documents are completed, validation rules automatically check the notes for required information, and instantly send any deficient documents to the pending queue for a supervisor's review.

Productivity and Billing Reports
Administrators have secure online access to their organization's productivity and billing reports. These reports provide up-to-date, comprehensive data to track transcription activity and progress, and highlight any areas in need of attention. For example, they help administrators monitor turnaround time across work types, allocate transcription costs among business entities, and reconcile billing from their MTSOs. In addition, these reports provide information on MT productivity and shortcut feature usage, offering guidelines for gaining efficiencies with the product.

User Access Rights
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools provide user access rights for security of patient records. Through an easy-to-use interface, supervisors configure users with varying permissions and restrictions for viewing, editing, and distributing documents. For example, at some healthcare organizations, certain MTs work solely on Behavioral Health patient records, and other MTs do not have access to Behavioral Health records.

Detailed Document Information
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools keep detailed information about every document it processes. Administrators can quickly determine whether documents are 'in-process,' 'completed,' or 'pending' due to a deficiency. A streamlined QA review feature quickly selects documents to be checked by supervisors to ensure consistent quality. In addition, Audit Trails track all changes and distributions that have occurred to a document, including which MTs, clinicians, and administrators have viewed or edited the file.

Configurable Workflows
To maintain a smooth and efficient transcription process, the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription transcription tools provide configurable workflows that help supervisors allocate editing work among various transcription groups, whether in-house or outsourced. MTSOs can even be allowed an acceptable 'backlog' of dictation volume, after which additional drafts are routed to other MTs or MTSOs.

Single Administrative Console
Many supervisor functions in the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform are handled through EMon®, a powerful and easy to use administrative console that is used to manage all Dragon Medical 360 | eScription products, including transcription tools, voice capture, e-signature and document distribution. EMon provides deep and wide visibility into an organization's documentation workflow, and greatly facilitates the management of transcription services in large healthcare enterprises.