Clinic 360 | Transcription

Outsourced medical transcription service designed specifically for clinics and specialty practices.


Clinic 360 | Transcription

After go-live, the Clinic 360 | Transcription Customer Support and Customer Development team takes over the day-to-day support and growth needs of each customer, building close, long-term relationships with you in the process.

Every individual on the Clinic 360 | Transcription support team has a solid understanding of the medical transcription process and a strong technical background, allowing us to respond quickly to any of your day-to-day issues, questions or requests.


Email Support

Registered users can submit tickets to the Clinic 360 | Transcription Support team by sending an email to

Telephone Support

Please call us at 1-855-367-4445. Nuance understands that technology is only part of the solution. To help our customers maximize the results they can achieve with our products, we offer first-class services through the deployment process and beyond.


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